A reminder that we will be meeting tomorrow, Tuesday 12/29, from 12-1 pm via Zoom (link is below).  This will not be a typical meeting and instead will be a fun, holiday get-together.  This is what we have planned: 
1) Wear your ugly sweater or holiday PJ's - We will have a contest to vote on the ugliest (or simply your favorite) holiday sweater/PJs.  So if you have one please make sure to dig it out of the closest...you may be the winner.  
2) Holiday quizzes - We will have two quizzes (one on Christmas and one on New Year traditions around the World).  These will be electronic through Kahoot.  If you have not used Kahoot before this is a great platform to compete against each other in a fun way.  You will need your phone or you can use your computer.  
3) Time for fellowship - Would like to end the meeting spending time talking with each other - holidays, reflections on 2020 and the year ahead, etc.  
I know this is a busy time and that many of you are taking some time to unwind/relax before the New Year.  However, I do hope you can join us to spend some time together and have a little fun.
Cadillac Rotary Club is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Cadillac Rotary meeting
Time: Dec 29, 2020 12:00 PM
Meeting ID: 824 1772 4688
Passcode: 487756
One tap mobile 1-301-715-8592