It is quite amazing the number of Paul Harris Fellows the Cadillac Rotary Club has. In the meeting on August 20th we added our 49th Paul Harris Fellow. This is a true testament to our commitment to Rotary giving. With the addition of Jennifer Suck to the ranks we have over 77% of our membership as Paul Harris Fellows.

As wonderful as that is we have set a goal this year to reach 100%. As in the past we will be offering matching contribution periods to help us reach that goal. But one of the most important reasons we should reach this goal is the consideration we receive when submitting requests to Rotary International to support or charitable efforts. The more participation we have locally the stronger the consideration for local requests for matching contributions.

We are a giving community. We have always been a giving community whether it is locally or to help with Dr. VerBrugge in his African mission. We have found the truth in those who help others help themselves. Please help us reach our goal of 100% membership as Paul Harris Fellows this year.

 Thank you Jennifer for starting the 2013/2014 year off with the first new Paul Harris Fellos