Rotary International Foundation



The goal of the Rotary International Foundation is to make the world a much better place and the focus is on those most in need where the most good can be done.

The Foundation is a worldwide network of individuals who contribute to relevant social concerns to change lives for the better.

Its mission is to do good in the world.  Its aim is to spread the field of service to the international level by putting money and talent to work for the best interests of humanity.  Its intent is to capture the true spirit of Rotary by advancing international understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.  

International service projects include, as examples:

  • medical care and equipment
  • water filters
  • wheelchairs
  • hunger, poverty
  • occupational training
  • clothing, disaster
  • education.
These projects focus on:
  • preventing and resolving conflict while promoting peace
  • preventing and treating disease
  • providing clean water and sanitation
  • promoting maternal and child health (e.g., educate mothers, train medical personnel, provide health services); promoting basic education and literacy (build libraries and schools, student mentoring); and economic and community development to impoverished communities.

Rotary International Foundation Programs:

Within this Foundation there are six areas of primary focus:

  1. Disease Prevention/Treatment
  2. Water and Sanitation
  3. Maternal and Child Health
  4. Basic Education and Literacy
  5. Economic and Community Development
  6. Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution


  • Program-protecting children from polio

Volunteer Program

  • providing specialized expertise in other countries
  • travel to a different country to provide intensive service where a great need exists
  • give of your expertise and service to another country

Ambassadorial Scholarships Program

  • help cover all necessary travel and educational expenses for one academic year
  • ambassador of good will, peace, friendship, and cultural understanding
  • undergraduate and graduate students
  • vocational training
  • teachers of handicapped students
  • journalism

Matching Grants Program-to support various educational or charitable projects of Rotary clubs and districts to further international understanding

  • passenger van to transport homeless children in Mexico to school
  • provide water and sanitation system for a village in Haiti
  • establish eye clinics in villages in Bangladesh
  • equip a science education center for underprivileged children in India)
  • Grants for University Teachers Program-to teach in developing countries
  • Rotary Peace Program-where international seminars or conferences and other activities focus on the causes of conflict and examine activities that enhance and improve the search for peace
  • Group Study Exchange Program-where business leaders and professionals travel abroad, as a way of promoting world understanding, international fellowship, and enhancing vocational and professional skills

Paul Harris Fellow

  • Paul Harris is known as the founder of Rotary and in 1957 the Paul Harris Fellow was established as a way of financially supporting the Rotary Foundation. Becoming a Paul Harris Fellow involves making a contribution of $1,000 or more to the Foundation (all at once or installments). There is high honor in becoming a Paul Harris Fellow because it represents the strong commitment toward improving the condition of the world by helping those most in need.
  • Becoming a Paul Harris Sustaining Member involves making an annual contribution of $100 or more to the Foundation after becoming a Paul Harris Fellow.
  • Each Rotarian can earn points through the Foundation by becoming a Paul Harris Fellow and continuing to donate to the RI Foundation. One point is earned for every dollar contributed to the RI Foundation (above the original $1000 to become a Paul Harris Fellow).‚Äč
Our District (6290) receives money from the Rotary International Foundation, money that was donated to the Foundation by clubs in the District.  After three years, fifty percent of the monies donated by the individual clubs in our District are returned to the District.  

November is Rotary Foundation month.

Rotary International Foundation Committee