Cadillac Honor Guard

Speaks to

Cadillac Rotary Club


Two members of the Cadillac Area Honor Guard spoke at the November 12th meeting of the Cadillac Rotary Club.   The Cadillac Area Honor Guard represents our grateful nation at approximately 60 funerals of area veterans each year.    This service is offered at no cost to the family, but frequently families will help offset their costs with a donation.   In addition the Honor Guard presents a U.S. Flag to the family and a hand crafted oak flag box.    

The Cadillac Area Honor Guard also makes presentations each year on Veteran's Day, Fourth of July and on Memorial Day, in addition to marching in other area parades.   

The uniforms of the Guard currently are in need of replacement as they have been accumulated over the years through buying stock merchandise from a local retailer.   As the style of lapels have changed and the dye lots have changed there are a variety of jackets and slacks worn that are not matching.   The Honor Guard is hoping to raise funds to purchase new matching jackets for the members.  These jackets would then be adorned with the members military ribbons, branch insignia and the Cadillac Area Honor Guard patch.     Total estimated cost for the new uniforms is $27,000.    The Guard has received a grant of $9,000 from the Cadillac Area Community Foundation as soon as they raise $18,000, and they are working toward that goal.      

The Cadillac Area Rotary Club appreciates the great deeds of the Cadillac Area Honor Guard and also the services of the men involved with the Guard.    Thank you for all of your service, both in the armed forces and now in service to the families of your fallen comrades.