Rotary Foundation Grants
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Cadillac Rotary Charities if a 501(c)3 organized to help provide grants to special projects in the greater Cadillac area.   These grants are awarded to non-profit agencies, municipalities and schools.     The grant guidelines are available by clicking here.
Wexford County Historical Museum    $10,000
Cadillac Area Public Schools  Auditorium Lights Enhancements $     861
Cadillac Area Public Schools  Forest View Playground Equipment $10,050
Single Track Sisters Fat Bike Team     $9,500
Cadillac Area Silent Observer  Trailer $ 3,500
Cadillac Area Public Schools CHS Weight Room Enhancements  $ 9,328
WMISD/Great Start Imagination Library  $  2500
CALC and BSA 125 Eagle Scout Project  $    378
Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Asso.   $30,000
Friends of the Libary  Manton New Building  $10,000
Boon Sports Management Feasibility Study for The WEX                $8,000.00
Cadillac Area Public Schools Orchestra Music Stands $2,000.00
Wexford County Sheriff Department First Aid Equipment $4,500.00
Cadillac Area Silent Observer Mobile Sign $666.00
Cadillac Area Public Schools Auditorium Enhancements $10,000.00
Boon Sports Management Electrical Improvements $30,000.00
City of Cadillac Ice Rink $15,000.00
YMCA Sun Shade $7,500.00
Northern Michigan Mountain Biking Assoc Sled & Trailer $13,000.00
Cadillac Area Backpack Program   $3,000.00
Cadillac Senior Center   $25,000.00
Cadillac Area Public Schools  Adjustable Basketball Hoops $945.48
City of Cadillac Dog Park $2,500.00
Cadillac-Wexford Library Trail Of Tales $2,500.00
Adult Literacy Council   $2,500.00
City of Cadillac Pavilion Project $30,807.00
Feeding America West Michigan Walk-In Freezer $16,000.00
City of Cadillac Rotary Pavilion Bathrooms $25,000.00
Cadillac Area Public Schools Lincoln Field Dugouts $10,000.00
Michigan State Police Car Seat Trailer $3,810.70
Cadillac Area Public Schools Cross Country Uniforms $3,000.00
Stehower Free Clinic Equipment $2,500.00
Cadillac Honor Guard Uniform Top Coats $2,000.00
City of Cadillac Lakefront ADA Playground $2,500.00
Cadillac Area Public Schools Discus Fencing $1,326.00
New Hope Shelter Shelter Renovations $8,300.00
Cadillac Area Public Schools Soccer Field Renovations $17,000.00
City of Cadillac Canine Program $500.00
Daybreak Facility Renovations $5,000.00
Backpack Program Funding For Meals $3,500.00
Cadillac Area Public Schools Safe2Tell Program $3,500.00
Cadillac Area Public Schools Camp Torenta $5,000.00
YMCA Gymnastic Equipment $10,000.00
Mercy Hospital ER Renovations $15,000.00
YMCA Lincoln After School Programs $10,000.00
City of Cadillac Sound Garden Human Sundial $10,000.00
Cadillac Area Public Schools Camp Torenta $5,010.00
YMCA Teen Impact Program $10,000.00