Two projects were presented for the Spring Rotary Auction:
Project 1:
Up North Arts | Requesting $37,554
The Rotary Club, Up North Art, & the City of Cadillac would partner to add new signage.  Up North Arts would work alongside the Rotary Auction Committee and attend meetings, secure auction items, plan, pick up items, and set up and tear down.
The new signage would bring visibility and awareness to the Art Center, Senior Center, and Library Genealogy Center.
Project 2:
New Hope Center | Requesting $43,500 (does not include labor)
Center needs:  Pole Barn for storage, Pavilion for clients, Playground Area & fence
The pole barn would store home items for when their clients can get their own place. The pavilion would be a good area for clients to hang out during the day time, it would also be a benefit to have a playground for children living at the center. 
After discussion, the vote will take place on November 22 at the scheduled Rotary meeting.