Kassie VanAlst


Cadillac Rotary Club Award


Cadillac Rotary Club President-Elect Steve Osborn presented Kassie VanAlst a Club Award for her continued work with our Interact Club.   Kassie graduated last spring, but has continued to be involved with Interact.    When the Interact Club lost their High School Advisor, Kassie approached Rotarian Doreen Lanc and asked if Doreen would help fulfill the role of advisor.    Together Kassie and Doreen approached school administration and received approval for Doreen to help advise the Interact Students this school year.

Because of Kassie's perseverance and her strong belief in the values earned by students in the Interact program, the Cadillac High School Interact program remains strong.

Thank you Kassie and Doreen for your continued work with this program.