At our meeting Tuesday September 10th Sheri Spoelman Chair of Cultural Arts Committee gave us a review of her committee. the purpose is to increase the opportunity for people in the Cadillac area to experience a variety of cultural events, using the Rotary Performing Arts Pavilion whenever possible.

 Throughout the summer it has supported four concerts/events at the Pavilion. They were the Luke Winslow King Band, Sam Corbin and Jen Sygit and The Lincoln County Process, Thirsty Perch Blues Band and Upbeat Cadillac Thursday Night Jazz concerts.

The members of the committee are Randy Meyers, Mark Langerwey, Linda Kimbel, Fred Wreford,Ed Dunlap, Marcus Peccia and Shari as Chair. One of the most interesting and exciting things that has happened to the Cultural Arts Committee in mnay years ith that it is growing! It has almost doubled in size which present new opportunities. There will be a fall Brainstorming session to plan for the remainder of this year.