Cadillac Rotary Purchases 

Water Filters for 

14 Families in Honduras


At the October 16, 2012 Rotary Meeting, Jim Bodenner from Thirsting to Serve gave a presentation on the impact of clean drinking water in Honduras, Dominican Republic and Haiti.   At the meeting he promoted the sale of Litehouse Salad Dressings through the Litehouse Challenge in which gift boxes of salad dressing are sold and the entire sales price is allocated to the purchase of water filters.

After the meeting Rotary Club members purchased $1,140.00 in salad dressings.    The club then submitted a District Simplified Grant request to have matching funds from the district in the amount of $1,000.00 be applied toward the water filters purchase.     In total $2,140.00 was sent to Thirsting to Serve to purchase 14 water filters to help provide 14 families in Honduras with clean drinking water.    

Cadillac Rotary Club is pleased to be able to make a significant impact on the lives of the 14 families living in Honduras.