Cadillac Rotary Club supports key community projects.


The Cadillac Rotary Club has voted to fund three community improvement projects for a combined total of up to $85,500. The projects follow a long tradition of generous support of the Cadillac community, from Lake Cadillac Lakefront Project to the CASA-WISE project.

This year’s projects, approved in two separate ballots late in October, include the following:

·         The group is allocating up to $10,500 to fund a study to consider enhancements to the Rotary Performing Arts Pavilion.

·         A second ballot included two parts: 75 percent of the net proceeds of the 2011 Rotary Auction, up to $50,000, to fund completion of an activity center at Camp Torenta; and a $25,000 donation from the club’s major project reserves toward Mercy Hospital’s Surgical Services Addition and Renovation. The hospital will name a pre-operation room in the club’s honor.

“The fact that these projects were approved by 92 percent of our members is testimony to the collective will of this club to support significant enhancements to this community,” said Club President Jon Catlin. “But the selection process is never easy. We considered a variety of other worthwhile projects and simply had to narrow our focus. We decided that these would be the best place to exert our energy this year.”

Last year the club’s major fundraiser involved donating $47,000 in proceeds from the annual auction toward rebuilding tennis courts on Diggins Hill. The club also recently donated $50,000 to fund a new dome at the Wexford County Historical Museum.

The Camp Torenta improvements are part of ongoing support of the Cadillac Area Public Schools camp on the northwest shores of Lake Mitchell. Two years ago, the club invested $113,000 in a new activity center for the historic facility. That first phase of the project was completed and dedicated this summer. The additional funding will pay for construction of an outdoor canopy attached to the center, an indoor/outdoor presentation platform, a fireplace, and miscellaneous other items.

“This will expand the functionality of the Rotary Activity Center to provide for expanded and long-lasting community benefit,” said Randy Myers, chair of the club’s Friends of Camp Torenta Committee.

Supporting the $14 million Mercy Hospital project fits in the club’s tradition of backing major health care infrastructure in the greater Cadillac area.

“The Cadillac Rotary Club and Mercy Hospital of Cadillac share a common goal involving humanitarian-inspired service,” said John MacLeod, Mercy CEO and also a Rotarian. “A partnership with Mercy Hospital presents a unique opportunity to directly address human health at a core level in the Cadillac community.”

The Rotary performing Arts Pavilion was built by the club more than 20 years ago and included an investment of $306,000 for the pavilion and lakefront bathrooms. Now the club feels it is time to review the evolution and enhancement of the project.

“It is time to restore some of the original work that has deteriorated over time, plus we want to explore new ways to enhance the use of the pavilion and the surrounding area to make it more attractive, usable, and enjoyable,” said Rotarian Shari Spoelman.

The project will pay for development of a phased master plan for the site’s overall development. Enhancements could include additional shelter, a screen for showing outdoor movies, improved stage lighting, and more.

Members of the Cadillac Rotary Club have been serving the Cadillac community since 1920. Other key projects have included $350,000 for the CASA-WISE sports complex and $146,000 for the Clam River Greenway Project.