Cadillac Rotary Club

Seeking Project Proposals

Deadline for Requests 10/28/11 

The Cadillac Rotary Club is currently seeking another major project to help finance. Organized groups in the county are asked to submit project partnership proposals that, when completed, will help make the community a better place to live, benefit a large cross section of Cadillac area residents, and serve as a lasting contribution to future generations living in the Cadillac area.




 Proposed projects may be tangible like the Lake Front Development and the Rotary Performing Arts Pavilion, or they might be intangible such as the offering of a major program or service to members of our community.

Community members who would like the Cadillac Rotary Club to partner with their organization are encouraged to submit proposals including the following information by no later than 5 p.m. October 28, 2011:

1.       Explain how your proposed project meets the Rotary Club’s seven criteria for major project selection:

a.       Help make our community a better place to live

b.      Benefit a large cross section of the residents of our community

c.       Be a visible tribute to the Cadillac Rotary’s spirit of community

d.      Help unite the Cadillac Rotary Club members to work for a common goal

e.      Be a lasting contribution to future generations of our community

f.        Be funded in whole or part by the Cadillac Rotary Club and, if possible, provide an opportunity for club members to individually lend their expertise to carrying out the project

g.       Be maintained or operated by a responsible partner outside the Rotary Club

2.       Proposal for the project should include:

a.       Written response to each of the above seven criteria

b.      Explanation or letters of community need and support

c.       List of the leadership and relevant experience of your organization

d.      Proposed time frame

e.      Project budget

f.        Contact information for your group

g.       The scope  of funding you are requesting from the  Cadillac Rotary Club and its members to finance your project

Deadline for receiving proposals is 5 p.m., October 28, 2011. This will allow for the review and selection process to include brief presentations of up to four proposals during November to the full membership of the club before members vote to select the club’s next major project before the end of 2011.

Please deliver nine copies of your proposals to Bruce DeRuiter, chair of the Rotary Club’s Major Projects Committee, at 6149 Lakeview Dr., Lake City, MI 49651, or mail to Jon Catlin, past president at Cadillac Rotary Club,at  Chemical Bank of Michigan, 302 S. Mitchell, Cadillac, MI, 49601 Project proposals also can be e-mailed to Catlin at:

Committee members are all past presidents: Bruce Deruiter, Amy Gibbs, Linda Kimbel, Shari Spoelman, John MacLeod, Sue Peterson, Tim Knaggs, Tom Smith.

Over the last nearly three decades, Cadillac Rotary Club members have generously supported numerous projects valued at more than $1 million. Donations have included $350,000 for the CASA-WISE athletic facilities, $306,000 for the Lake Cadillac Lakefront Project, $146,000 for the Clam River Greenway Project, $113,000 for the Camp Torenta Dining Hall, $50,000 for the Wexford County Historical Museum, and $47,000 for the Diggens Hill Tennis Courts.

Members of the Cadillac Rotary Club have been serving the Cadillac community since 1920.