Included in that funding are the following:
-$4,500.00 to the Wexford County Sheriff to help equip patrol cars with updated first aid kits and portable backboards. 
-$2,000.00 to Cadillac Area Public Schools Orchestra Program to purchase 30 music stands. The music stands are used by several other members of the greater Cadillac Community including the Clam Lake Band, Footliters and the Cadillac High School theatre programs. 
-$10,000.00 to Wexford County Historical Museum toward their Phase One project of Roofing, Gutters, Masonry and Flashing. This is a contribution toward a $122,100 project. We are hoping to help increase awareness and community participation in this project to save this historic building.
-$30,000.00 to Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association for their Warming Hut Project at the Cadillac Pathways. This is in conjunction with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.  This is toward a larger project of $75,000 and we believe that Carl T. Johnson would be very supportive of this project of getting more people active and outside.
-$30,000.00 to Boon Sports Management to help with Electrical Upgrades at The WEX. This is part of a $60,000 project to upgrade the interior lighting and fixtures of both the auditorium and the ice arena. The payback on this project is two years so we are happy to help The WEX reduce their operating cost and continue to provide recreational and entertainment opportunities for the surrounding communities.
Cadillac Rotary Charities is proud to partner with area non-profits, schools, governmental agencies or organizations that hold a 501(c)(3) status. There are three grant cycles per year and the next one is due February 1, 2018.
The application is located on this website or email with any questions.
Contact: Jon Catlin (213 775-0387/
Chairperson of Cadillac Rotary Charities