Make Up Meetings




Rotarians we know there are times when you will be unable to attend a regular Tuesday Club meeting and there are ways to make up the missed meetings.  Regular attendance is important to our Club’s regular meetings and every Rotarian is to strive toward reaching the ideal of 100% attendance.

Even though you may not be able to attend every regular meeting there are ways to achieve the perfect attendance goal.

You can receive attendance credit that is applied to the missed regular meeting​ when:

  • You attend a committee meeting
  • Board meeting
  • Rotary activity/function (e.g., Action Days)
  • Your participation at the special meeting or Club activity needs to occur either two weeks prior to or two weeks after the missed regular meeting date
  • It is necessary for you to let our secretary, Dianna, know that you participated in a make up meeting/activity.
  • You may also see whether the committee chair will give the secretary a list of who attended the meeting.
  • Another way you can make up a missed regular meeting is to attend another Rotary Club’s regular meeting (many Clubs have their meeting schedule posted on-line).  Again, be sure to let Dianna know you did this.
  • You can also make up a missed regular meeting by going on-line.  You can goggle or search on line by typing in Rotary make-up meetings and seeing a variety of choices from which to sign in. 
Rotary eClub One is a website that allows 24/7 access to make-up meeting opportunities.  When making up a meeting on-line you will be required to provide our District Number (6290) and our secretary’s e-mail address (so the website can notify Dianna of your make up).  Her e-mail address is:

Attendance is important to the Club and this information is provided to our District Headquarters.  Your efforts to help us have a solid attendance as a group are sincerely appreciated.  Remember that our attendance policy is for a minimum of 50% regular Club meeting in person attendance.


Membership Committee

January, 2013