Friends of Rotary


Friends of Rotary


Foster and bring into the fellowship of the Rotary Club of Cadillac those people who, for various reasons, are unable to become or remain a member of the Club (e.g. due to time and travel constraints and other commitments), but who nevertheless would like to help promote the ideals of Rotary. 


A Friend of the Cadillac Rotary Club is a person of acceptable character who is not in a position to consider formal membership, however, would like to participate and assist in the Club’s fellowship and service activities.  These Friends will have an awareness of the Rotary principle of Service above Self and share the Four Way Test, which is the embodiment of what guides a Rotarians thoughts and deeds.   It asks every member to consider:

  • Is it the TRUTH?
  • Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  • Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
  • Former Rotarians who have left Rotary honourably
  • Members of the public who have actually provided assistance to the club and recognize the integrity and soundness of Rotary’s service commitment
  • Members of the public that have demonstrated a desire to assist the club and want to expand their charity to people in need locally or globally by partnering with the Cadillac Rotary Club​
  • Rotarian Member Spouses
*Note: A former Rotarians is eligible to become a Friend of Rotary when it is determined that his or her resignation was in no way influenced by the FOR availability. The intent of the FOR component is to strengthen, not weaken our Club and its mission.  Therefore, only those Rotarians who certainly would have resigned regardless of the availability of the FOR option will be considered for endorsement as a Friend.


  • Widen the scope and influence of the Rotary Club of Cadillac.
  • Recognize assistance from members of the public.
  • Maintain interest
  • Provide a graduated entry into Rotary.
  • Maintain the association with former Rotarians.


  • Attend lunch meetings when they are interested, particularly on special occasions
  • Attend all social and official functions run by the Club when they are able
  • Assist in fund raising and volunteer activities of the Club
  • Access to Club Runner and e-mail updates on club activities
  • Opportunity to be a Paul Harris Fellow
  • Attend annual meeting to recognize “Friends”


Becoming a Friend of Rotary is a relatively easy process that involves the Friend of Rotary Endorsement Form being completed and submitted by a current Cadillac Rotarian to the Friend of Rotary Committee.   For Friend of Rotary Endorsement Form, click here.   The Committee reviews the Endorsement form and upon approval sends a copy of the Endorsement form to the Club’s Treasurer.  The Treasurer will then bill the Friend.  The Friend of Rotary Committee informs the new Friend of Club endorsement and that a dues statement will be sent from the Treasurer.

Re-endorsement occurs on an annual basis and involves the FOR discussing with the Friend his or her level of supportive Club involvement the previous year, as well as what the Friend intends to do the upcoming year.  To obtain the Friend of Rotary Renewal Form, click here.   The FOR Committee is to inform the Club’s Treasurer of each Friend’s re-endorsement.


The FOR Committee will maintain a current roster of Friends.  The Committee will insure that no former Cadillac Rotary member resigned membership in order to become a Friend.  The Committee will insure that only those individuals receiving Friend endorsement are of solid character.  The Committee will insure that new Friends:

  • State what specific Club-related activity they intend to participate in over the next year
  • Agree to respond to FOR Committee e-mails and other contact attempts within a reasonable amount of time
  • Agree to support the Club in at least one important area of service
  • Understand that endorsement will be reviewed on an annual basis
  • Understand that re-endorsement will be influenced by the level Friend-related activity the previous year
  • Receive a Certificate as a Friend of Rotary

Each year, the FOR Committee is to invite Friends to a regular Club meeting for the purpose of introducing Friends to the general membership and providing the Club an opportunity to show appreciation for the Friend’s support.  This organized and planned regular Club meeting is to have Friends speak to the Club about what each has done to support the Club’s mission and what being a Friend means to them.  Friends are to be considered Club Guests for this annual meeting.

The FOR Committee is to inform Friends about the Paul Harris Fellow and the significant contribution made at the international level by becoming a Paul Harris Fellow.  When the FOR Committee believes a Friend has made an outstanding Service Above Self contribution in support of our Club’s activities throughout the year consideration is to be given to the possibility of using Paul Harris recognition points.

The FOR Committee is to have regular and on-going communication with Friends.  Friends are to be informed of Fund Raising Activities, Community Action Projects (Action Days), and Fellowship Activities.  Participation is to be strongly encouraged.


The FOR Committee will personally address any outstanding issue related to billing.  The Treasurer will notify the Committee when a Friend has not paid the money owed should no money be received after 30 days following the second statement sent by the Treasurer.  A second statement is to be sent by the Treasurer 30 days after the initial statement was sent and no money received.


  • A Friend of the Rotary Club of Cadillac is not a member of the Rotary Club of Cadillac and is therefore not entitled to the rights nor subject to the responsibilities of membership as provided for in the Bylaws.  A Friend has a formal affiliation with the Club which provides an avenue to participate in Club activities (serve the community and the Club)
  • A Friend of the Rotary Club of Cadillac shall have no vote on any decisions made by the Club, nor serve on any Board
  • A Friend of the Rotary Club of Cadillac is not entitled to wear the Rotary lapel badge
  • If at any time a Friend of the Rotary Club of Cadillac expresses a desire to become a full member of the Club the membership proposal process is to be followed
  • Club meals and costs of other social activities are to be paid by the Friend at the same rate as club members
  • $100 annual cost to each Friend


Revised 3/13